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Motorcycle tracking system.

Anti-theft mechanism!

Whether you own a vintage classic or the latest sport motorcycle, you’ll want to track it anytime and to protect it from thieves with the best motorcycle tracking system available. Deus offers motorbike tracking options to suit a range of bikes to improve motorcycle security, reduce insurance costs and offer you peace of mind so that in the event of a theft you and the police will be able to find your bike.

In the event of theft, you will be able to monitor your bike’s location in live time and inform the police until your bike is retrieved. Recovery time is typically extremely speedy, with many owners being reunited with their bikes within an hour of it being stolen!

You can also download our free tracking app, allowing you to monitor your bike when you are away from it. This means you will always know if your bike is tampered with, so now finally, you are at an advantage over the thieves!


ALS – Auto Lock System

Unique anti-theft system

You can set your bike’s allowed driving time, for example from 07:30 to 20:00 daily and you don’t have to deal with locking or unlocking your bike ever again. Deus’ ALS system, will automatically lock or unlock your bike at the hours and days you have set it making your life easier.

In case your bike moves in non permitted hours, when for example someone rolls your bike but hasn’t switched on the ingition, ALS system immediately sends a notification to your mobile phone.

GNS – Global Network System

Strong signal around the globe

Deus’ equipment works flawlesly around the globe, both on land and sea. You will be provided with a SIM card with automatic global connectivity to all available networks. You are not restricted in using only one network, if there is a better signal reception from another mobile network, the SIM card will use that without EXTRA charges.

Stay in touch with your bike everywhere

AGS – Auto Geofence System

Locking the position geographically

When your motorcycle is parked and the engine is not running, the Automatic Grofencing locking System takes charge and creates a geographical perimeter around your bike locking the motorcycles position. Real time tracking monitors its position constantly. In case someone tries to move it without starting the engine for more than 50 meters (for example someone tows ot stealing your bike), the AGS system will send a real-time alert to your mobile phone and at the same time will activate the horn and the flash lights of your bike, thus preventing the blatant thief.

No need to sit around and watch your bike

ADS – Accident Detection System

Information and accident detection

In case you are involved in an accident with your motorbike, the built-in accident prevention system-PAS, will instantly send a message to the mobile phones of your family members notifying them about the incident and the location of the accident, so that they can send help in case you are unable to use your phone.

Motorbike accidents have the potential to be extremely serious, and after an accident, every second counts. The quicker you receive treatment for your injuries, the better your recovery outcomes are likely to be.

Every second counts

SBP – Smart Battery Protection

Tampered battery? Never again!

Deus’ SBP (Smart Battery Protection) system has the ability to detect the voltage of your bike every second, so if someone removes one of the two poles of the battery, the SBP will notify you with a message on your cell phone. In such a case bike’s horn and flash lights can not be activated due to the absence of the battery, but you will already know that someone is removing the battery.

SMDS – Smart Move Detection System

Shaking detection

In case someone shakes your motorcycle, the built-in SMDS (Smart Move Detection System) detects it and sends a message on your mobile phone about the incident and the geographical location that has happened, while at the same time activates bike’s horn and flash lights.

VRC – Vehicle Remote Control

Using your smartphone wherever you are

If you notice something suspicious in the vivinity of your motorcycle then with Deus’ anti-theft equipment, you can stepinterven remotely activating the bike’s horn and flash lights from your comfort of your home, by simply using your mobile phone.

The anti-theft services can be activated and deactivated only through a mobile network. There is no remote control so it can not be copied or stolen. All remote control functions are executed with your mobile phone or computer.

Throw away the remote controls

Loving relationship

Use your smartphone to activate and deactive the mechanism

Ensure finding your bike, even if it is placed at an underground garage by knowing its last position

Low Battery Consumption to protect bike’s battery life


Download GPRS app

App Manual

Bike thefts are double compared to auto thefts

What do you get?

  • A non detectable tracking device suitable for motorbikes, which requires a simple installation. Even expensive GPS anti-theft devices require an external GPS antenna to function. However, it is very easy for an experienced thief to notice the external GPS antenna and remove it, thus completely deactivating the anti-theft system. Deus equipment does not need an external GPS antenna or other sensors to operate. It is equipped with an active GPS antenna of high sensitivity that is integrated into the device. This feature makes it completely invisible, while dramatically restricting wiring inside the motorcycle.

  • A global SIM card (mobile provider costs are included) so you can track your bike at the other side of the world. That may come in handy if (God forbid) your bike is stolen.


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