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With thousands of users and counting, GPRS is the most complete and trusted fleet management platform on the market.

Free Updates & Support:

You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.

Our #1 priority is you, the user. We believe in our products and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your vehicles as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support around at our dedicated support center. In addition, Deus constantly offers free updates with new features requested by our users. You can count on us.

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Endless Possibilities: The Only Tracking Software You Need

Deus’ powerful GPRS software along with its unique customizable features lets you track any device with just one tool. The simple yet powerful options allow you to manage any type of vehicle and an entire fleet.

Incredible Features:

Deus GPRS is loaded with useful features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. GPRS is not only built by us, but also by our users.

features workbench


Customize to your needs. A responsive customizable workbench. Customize everything to suit your needs, track everything important to you.

features driver ID

Driver ID

Forget assigning vehicles to drivers. Drivers can change vehicles easily. With Driver ID, you’ll never have to worry about which vehicle a driver is using and his working hours.

features geofence


Group your interests. Create virtual perimeteres to areas of interest. Identify and group your area of interest, receiving alerts when events are happening regarding the zone

features real time alerts

Real Time Alerts

Crusial updates on time. Information as it happens. Get updates on what you need. Speeding, temperature, activity, geofence, sensors.

features reports

Fuel Management

Know exactly what you spend. Accurate picture of fuel consumption. Easily monitor fuel consumption, reduce costs, increase productivity. Check if fuel is lost or stolen

features events replay

Complete Events Replay

Visualize what has happened. View every activity along the route. Interactively display any route with every action recorded. Analyze what can be done more efficient.

feaatures route optimization

Route Optimization

Let GPRS optimize routing. Put an end to manual routing garble. Save time, money, energy, headackes and have your customers happy.

features sensors


Connect any sensor you want. No need to have Star Trek Sensors. Deus’ GPRS will recognize it and record data. Temperature, open-close doors, tire pressure and many more.

features history

History in the making

Examine historical data. Those who forget history are destined to repeat it. Dispaly historical data to help you identify trends and problems at a glance.

Maps & Satellites

You name it, we got it. Choose the map that suits you best. Satellite, hybrids, whatever you choose is there. Includes Streetside & Birds Eye view.

POIs & Favourites

Assing POIs for efficiency. Assign customers, vendors, stores, you name it. Save time and efford with POIs & Favourites. Efficiently and easily plan routing.

Google Street View

Check what is there. Interactively explore at street level the location of a vehicle. Check why it has stopped there.

Advance Features:

Those Are Just a Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More. Check Out Smart’s Fleet Adavance Features.

i-TMO:Electronic Transportation Office

Keep track of all fleet maintance paperwork electronically. Service appointments, fuel invoices, tires, service costs, mechanical failures etc. Have historical data for your fleet and an instant view of exactly what it costs.

Smart Maintenance

Keep track of vehicle maintenance. Receive alerts of services appointments. Have Reports of fuel consumption and analyse trends!


Job sceduling has never been easier. Have at hand everyone’s availability, open time slots and assign vehicles to have the job done. Let the system calculate and schedule the best route!

Dispatch Jobs & Routing

Send the job scedule directly to field personel. Update with last minute changes or with emergency jobs. Direct communication and confirmation of task acceptance.

Take the power in your hands with Dynamic Reports

Make important decisions for your business after when you have the full picture. Dynamic reports, ready made and fully customizable. Choose what you want to see and how you want to appear in the reports. Tracking, Fuel, stops, distances, customers, specific events, temperatures you name it we got it.

You can’t find a report that suits your needs? Call us, we will create it custom for your needs.

API Integration

Integrate with business systems such as SAP or any other system currently in operation in your company. Deus’ open API has the ability to connect and transfer data from and to those systems, improving speed and accuracy of data between them.

ERP Integration

Invoices, Accounting, payroll, CRM, HRM and many more sectors, exhange data faster and accuratey saving time and money.

Unify systems into one software

Install Deus’ LOB software and transform your business to an enterprise. All important sectors such as CRM, HRM, ordering, acounting, sales, WMS, fleet management, dispatching, payroll and most important of all – business intelligence – unified in one software.

Put an end to various different programms your employess are using making life easier.

Mobile phone apps

Use your smartphone for easy tracking. Supporting all major OSs.

What does my company benefit from your system?

  • Easy Installation & Setup

  • Fully Customizable Options

  • Increased Productivity

  • Improved Field Efficiency

  • Better Business Organization

  • Improved Service Management

  • Happier Customers

  • Simplified Backend Process

  • Fleet GPS Monitoring

  • Fleet Fuel Efficiency

  • Reduced Fleet Labour Costs

  • Increased Fleet Security & Safety

  • Reduced Fleet Expenses

  • Control Vehicle “Usage” For Leisure

  • Automated Routing

  • Dispatching Jobs Through The System

  • Field Communication On The Go

  • Chatting & Messaging

  • Garmin Integration

  • Real Time Alerts & Notifications

  • Custom Made Reports

  • Route Optimization

  • Sensors Data

  • Workforce Management

  • Mobile Apps for easy access

  • ERP Integration

  • Line Of Business Application

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With Deus’ GPRS you DON’T need a demo! You don’t have to download anything!

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