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Keep your Friends Close

and your Dog Closer!

Simply the best.

Deus Services introduces the world’s first handmade genuine leather dog collar with a hidden GPS tracking device inside it. Designed to be discreet and not visible to the eye for obvious reasons, it looks like a normal collar but with it you can find where your dog is, in case he is lost or stolen.

A small GPS board, a rechargeable battery and a global SIM card are embedded into the leather collar!

The leather joints are sealed, thus making it waterproof and since there is no access to it, charging of the battery is done by an inductive charger, the collar is simply placed on the charger!


Need a boat to cross a river?

Waterproof collar

You don’t need a boat. The Look & Find collar is waterproof with sealed edges and since charging is done by an inductive charger, there are no charging ports. The water can’t reach the inside of the mechanism.

So forget about boats. He can jump right in and swim with no fear of destroying the collar.

Elegant Handmade Leather Bands

Genuine Leather

Look & Find dog collar is exclusively made in our research and developement facilities. Handmade cuts and genuine leather are entwined to produce the final product. The edges are sealed with a special material, a secret recepie that adds to the water resistance and each collar is covered with a coat of protective cream.

Excellence in Elegance

Use your Smartphone

Look & Find Him

Specially designed & developed applications for android smartphones and apple’s iphone. The collar connects to your smartphone like a charm without any hassle! Just tap the appropriate icon and view the location of your dog. Get notifications when he is playfull and tries to run away from an area you have marked.

No need to sit around and watch him

Hunting Never Been so Much Fun

Free wandering

Aren’t you fed up when you take your dog for hunting and he looks like a robot from star wars? With all the antennas and heavy collars around his neck?

Let him run wherever he wants. Let him search for a prey into a swamp, a dense forest or at the other side of a mountain. You will find him easily. Just tap into the app and see his location.

Always connected

Powerful Collar & Best App

Innovation in your Hand!

With the Look & Find collar you can track where your dog is in real time, simply by tapping on the app on your smartphone. The collar has a built in battery that lasts up to 12 days without the need of a recharge. Charging is done simply by placing the collar on the wireless charger. When you don’t use the collar, you can set it to stand by mode, so battery can last up to almost 25 days.

Accessories for your Collar

Wireless. Effortless. Magical.

Wirelessly charge your collar and get notified when it is done. No charging ports or USB cables. The package contains a protective cream to shine your collar from time to time.

Explore! You will love it

Using your smartphone wherever you are

Go for a walk as nature intented. Let your dog enjoy the freedom.

Look & Find collar not only helps you find your dog if he wanders around, it acts as an anti-theft measure, since it looks like an ordinary leather collar and potential thieves don’t know about the hidden GPS device.

Loving relationship

Use your smartphone to activate and deactive the collar

Ensure finding your dog, even if it is at the other side of the world

Low Battery Consumption to increase battery life


Download Look & Find app

Thousands of dogs are lost every year

What do you get?

  • A handmade genuine leather dog collar with a concealed tracking device specially designed for dogs.

  • 1 Month Free tracking services in Look & Find Tracking Platform.

  • A global SIM card (mobile provider costs are included) so you can track your dog at the other side of the world.

  • A Wireless charger and a protective cream.

  • Free Worldwide shipping.

Look & Find

One month of free tracking service with every collar!

Monthly renewal cost of tracking service at 4,99€ per month

Money back guarantee within 14 days. We will return your money within 14 days if you are not satisfied.

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