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Deus is a privately funded software-as-a-service (SaaS) company focused on GPS-based fleet management systems.  Incorporated in 2015, Deus’s main offices are located in Patra, Greece and has quickly become the fastest growing GPS tracking provider.

Founded by industry professionals who have years experience in systems and software design, telemetry, embedded computing, communications and database design and implementation.

Deus’s systems are designed for individuals who want to keep track a vehicle or a device such as a mobile phone to businesses of all sizes that focus on improving customer service and real-time operations gaining maximum performance. Deus handles all hardware and software technology issues, so customers can focus on their business. Results are imminent: reduced costs, increased customer service and profitability through effectiveness.

Who Is Deus

To boldly go where no tracking company has ever been before. At Deus we make the impossible, possible.

Our Vision is the designing and customization of high quality products and services. Through research, development, innovation, while utilizing the expertise we already possess, we offer solutions and applications suitable for every need.

We offer the best solution matching your needs. Noone can match our prices.

Once you partner with Deus Services, you will never want to leave.

Our Skills

Deus GPRS 100
Deus i-TMO (intelligent tracking management office) 97
Deus ERP 80
Deus LOB (line of Business) 85

Deus Advantages

company smart fleet software


Easily, quickly, simply, tracking of vehicles or any IMEI devices, having all feautures & benefits at best price.

company erp integration

ERP Integration

Intgration of Deus GPRS with ERP programms, makes possible the use of a unified platform.

company line of businnes software

Deus LOB app

All in one business software, common for every companys’ sector.

Meet Our Team

Executive Management
Marketing Management
Technical Support

We Love To Work & We Love Where We Work

We believe that the place you work, affects the quality of your work. Spectra building, situated in Thermi, Thessaloniki is the perfect choice for our business. Open spaces, bright and cosy, puts us in the right mood to offer the best customer service.

Our Location

Located In Patra

Phone: +30 6940804174

Images Of Our Workplace

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