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What is a CANbus?

In technical terms, CAN stands for Controller Area Network (CAN), a serial data bus standard designed to combine electronic drive units. Modern vehicles use a CAN bus to transfer information between the various electronic vehicle systems. This communication network can provide a wide and detailed range of data on how vehicles are being used – from each individual gear change to every last millilitre of fuel consumed. The CAN bus in trucks, for example, helps register fuel consumption and driving style.

Why use CANbus?

A CANbus device puts the fleet manager in the virtual driving seat able to monitor more than 70 electronic control units designed to manage and retrieve information from the various subsystems. These subsystems can be as large as the engine control unit and go down to the vehicle’s airbags, antilock brakes, cruise control and windows.

In essence the CANbus ensures the systems that need to talk to one another, even those not designed that way to constantly monitor vehicle performance and relay this information back to base.

key insights

Access to CANbus data enables fleet operators to report on a wide range of information including monitor fuel consumption (MPG) and fuel theft, revolutions per minute (RPM), odometer reading (ODO), throttle position, engine load/torque, fuel levels and engine temperature.

Not only is regular engine operation data obtained but also fault codes such as brake failure, airbag deployment, emergency lights being activated, over RPM and so on.

This level of details allows a fleet manager to work out what is normal, so that when there is a problem it can be quickly identified and corrected and also identify areas of improvement within their vehicle operation to drive down overheads and minimise environmental impact.

The ease of Deus supplied system is, that it can provide a customised report, flagging only chosen issues so the fleet manager is not overwhelmed by information. This ensures the fleet manager is focused on correcting issues rather than finding them thus creating a more effective and efficient fleet.

Business solutions

Professional solutions for companies wishing to monitor CANbus data for a variety of transport cases: light vehicles, trucks, buses, agricultural transport and special transport.
Connect multiple sensors to indicate fuel consumption, compartments temperature, engine temperature and engine speed, i-button driver identification, sos button and other specialized devices.


CANbus supported data

Fuel & Engines

  • Total fuel consumption
  • Fuel level (dashboard)
  • Engine temperature
  • Engine operation
  • Engine life
  • Low fuel warning
  • Oil pressure / level


  • Ignition indicator
  • Odometer
  • Trip distance related information
  • Vehicle speed
  • Stops
  • Timeline
  • Duration

Driver Behaviour

  • Acceleration position
  • Driver’s seat belt
  • Passenger seatbelt
  • Airbag condition
  • Rear door indicators
  • Overspeeds
  • Detailed maneuvers

and many, many more, with over 70 parameteres measured!

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