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Marine tracking system.

There is nothing like the feeling of riding on a boat on a nice sunny day. Blue skies, cool water splashing upon the deck and the hum of the boat engine can be a thrilling and relaxing experience. Whether an individual has a multi-million dollar yacht or a simple fishing boat, the experience of sailing or riding on a boat can fill the soul. GPS tracking systems are no longer designed specifically for cars and trucks, and the new tracking systems designed specifically for marine applications can provide asset protection and peace of mind!

Whether you are operating a boat rental company and wish to keep tabs on where your customers are taking your assets, have a water-based tour company and wish to monitor boat locations, are sending people on fishing excursions and want to track the best locations, or have a commercial shipping company that relies on boats, a GPS tracker for boats will offer protection, improve efficiency and complement your customer service.

Boats are more than a simple asset to most marine enthusiasts. However, like any important asset, individuals take the proper precautions to protect and secure those assets. GPS tracking systems provide that security.


ALS – Auto Lock System

Unique anti-theft system

You can set your boat’s allowed movement time, for example from 07:30 to 20:00 daily and you don’t have to worry if it moves without authorization. Deus ALS system, will automatically lock or unlock your boat’s engine at the hours and days you have set it making your life easier.

In case your boat moves in non permitted hours, when for example someone moves your boat but hasn’t switched on the ingition, ALS system immediately sends a notification to your mobile phone.

GNS – Global Network System

Strong signal around the globe

Deus equipment works flawlesly around the globe, both on land and sea. You will be provided with a SIM card with automatic global connectivity to all available networks. You are not restricted in using only one network, if there is a better signal reception from another mobile network, the SIM card will use that without EXTRA charges.

GPS & GSM will keep track of your boat anywhere

AGS – Auto Geofence System

Locking the position geographically

There is no worse thing to wake up in the middle of the night after a difficult day at sea, only to find out that the anchor has drifted and the boat has been dangerously approaching other boats or even worse the rocks. Or to find out that the boat is missing or even find it stuck on the beach or on the rocks. No matter how unbelievably these senarios sound, they can happen. All it takes is a bad anchor.

No need to sit around and watch your boat

ADS – Accident Detection System

Information and accident detection

Avoid accidents that are just waiting to happen in the fleet or on your boat. Speed alerts will alert you when your boat is beyond the speed limit you set when it comes out of the customized fenced zone or when it does not do what it is supposed to do.

Even when you rent your boat and leaves the dock, you will not have control over what happens until it is returned.

Protect your boat rental company from mismanagement and abuse

SBP – Smart Battery Protection

Tampered battery? Never again!

Deus SBP (Smart Battery Protection) system has the ability to detect the voltage of your boat’s battery every second, so if someone removes one of the two poles of the battery, the SBP will notify you with a message on your cell phone.

BRC – Boat Remote Control

Using your smartphone wherever you are

With Deus anti-theft equipment, you can use your mobile phone to send all kinds of functions and commands to the anti-theft mechanism.

The anti-theft services can be activated and deactivated only through a mobile network. All remote control functions are executed with your mobile phone or computer.

Use your smartphone

SD – Measure Sea Depth

No need for special equipment!

Deus new Sea Depth feature lets you measure the depth of the sea in your current boat position. You do not need special equipment on board. Find out where you are and at the same time how deep the sea is in your current position.

Loving relationship

Use your smartphone to activate and deactive the mechanism

Ensure finding your boat, even if in the middle of the ocean by knowing its last position

Low Battery Consumption to protect battery life


Download GPRS app

App Manual

Maritime theft has escalated in recent years

What do you get?

  • A non detectable tracking device suitable for boats, which requires a simple installation. Even expensive GPS anti-theft devices require an external GPS antenna to function. However, it is very easy for an experienced thief to notice the external GPS antenna and remove it, thus completely deactivating the anti-theft system. Skytrack equipment does not need an external GPS antenna or other sensors to operate. It is equipped with an active GPS antenna of high sensitivity that is integrated into the device. This feature makes it completely invisible, while dramatically restricting wiring inside the boat.

  • A tri-band global SIM card (mobile provider costs are included) so you can track your boat at the other side of the world. That may come in handy if (God forbid) your boat is stolen.

  • Free Worldwide shipping with express courier (delivery within 3-4 working days).


Life time waranty for the duration of service!

Money back guarantee within 14 days. We will return your money within 14 days if you are not satisfied.

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