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Deus Asset Tracking System (SATS)

Deus’s hardware comes in many different forms depending on the clients requirements. All tracking devices are designed and built in the E.U.

Port security & container tracking

Deus’s asset tracking devices can be deployed across ports and shipping containers for real-time asset tracking and on-site asset visibility solutions. Reduce asset tracking costs by up to 75% compared to other technologies. Monitor assets in real-time, temperature, speed, shock, motion and much more. Deus’s GPS tags last for 3 years on a single D cell battery

asset tracking Security Cargo
asset tracking lone worker

Lone worker security

Deus based lone worker solutions offer tangible benefits. Safeguard lone workers with real-time monitoring. Instantaneous man down and SOS alerts, panic buttons and direct links to the operations team. Reduce costs, increase onsite productivity, maintain and monitor employees’ welfare in real-time.

High value critical assets

The Deus Network was developed and has evolved from within the security sector. Small, long lasting Deus’s Tags are in constant operation around the world safeguarding assets in transit, high value assets, and mission critical supply chain assets. Deus technology is highly resistant to jamming techniques and comes equipped with unique black box beacon mode for asset recovery anywhere in the world. Deus’s security tags reduced theft by 94% in just three months at a university.

asset tracking factory assets
asset tracking construction plant

Plant & Construction Security

Deus’s tags can be deployed across plants and construction sites, improving the security by monitoring critical points and parameteres. Various sensors can monitor equipment in real time pinpointing dangerous activities and incresing the security of the workforce. .

Oil & Gas asset visibility

This is one of the Deus’s Network core markets. Many oil and gas supply chain companies currently use the Deus network. Low cost real-time asset visibility streamlines operations and increases revenue. Unlimitedly scalable asset visibility benefiting from a single purpose built online management platform.

asset tracking oil and gas
asset tracking supply chain visibility

Supply chain visibility

This is the center of the Deus’s world. Reduce costs, increase productivity, monitor and analyze asset data in real-time. Be notified when and where in the supply chain assets are involved in an incident. Shock reports, tilt, temperature, preventive theft technology and proven asset recovery when required.

Care Homes & Hospitals

One of Deus Group’s fastest growing sectors due to advanced client monitoring technologies offered by the Deus Network. Monitor your clients in real-time and analyze anomalies in data to understand behaviour patterns and pre-empt falls, substance and hydration intake. Proximity alarms, geo fencing and SOS functions. Safeguard employees and vulnerable patients in real-time.

asset tracking care homes hospitals
asset tracking smart metering

Smart Metering

The IoT M2M market is one of fastest growing markets on earth with a huge and accelerating demand for remote meter reading technologies. Deus is currently developing IoT solutions.

Local & District Councils

States, County Councils, District Councils, and local Councils control multi-million budgets. They have fleets of vehicles, plant, and equipment: they also employ tens of thousands of staff. The use of GPRS allows real-time monitoring of every local government asset, providing access to huge savings.

Universities & Colleges

Deus’s asset tracking network serves as a formidable security system that is also integrates with other security systems such as CCTV for further asset protection and supporting evidence. Deployed at Greek university, the campus security team records a 94% reduction in crime after just 90 days in operation. Monitor, secure, track and recover site assets, even in remote and harsh environments.

Tacho WEB

Access and download tachograph files of your whole fleet from within a single, web browser-based interface.


Deus Tacho WEB Solution is a big forward leap in remote tachograph data files download. Solution is easily manageable and does not require any complex software installation. Everything is accessible via a web page.

Now you can download tachograph files from any place and from any PC with internet access.

asset tracking tachoweb
asset tracking webaccess

Web access

Access and download tachograph files of your whole fleet from within a single, web browser-based interface. Compatible with browsers across all platforms, requires no installation or additional plug-ins.


Once you create a schedule, selected tachograph files will be downloaded automatically. Data will be downloaded every defined period, for example once a week, once a month etc.

asset tracking schedules
asset tracking secure web

Secure tachograph files storage

Data is stored on secured server and can be accessed only by your authorized users. You don’t need to worry that any file is lost and you have to download it from tachograph once again.

No complex licensing system

Now you can launch the solution really fast, because FM device signing with SMS command is no longer required, you do not need any PC license. Just open the Tacho Web page and you can start your work.

asset tracking schedules
asset tracking multiple format support

Multiple Format Support

We support not only the standard DDD file extension, but also Spanish TGD and French V1B, C1B file formats. You simply set required one in Tacho Web user settings.

Waste Management System (WMS)

Environmentally responsible business practice is a hot topic at the moment, with the demand for visibility and accountability regarding the disposal of waste being at the forefront.

In order to comply with increasingly stringent laws and guidelines, businesses all over the world are either investing in outsourcing this task, or choosing to manage it themselves.

Coupled with the high price of metal, all businesses managing waste, have an ever increasing stake invested in the waste disposal equipment, which is simultaneously under greater risk of theft.

There is now a greater need than ever to implement sustainable tracking solutions across this vast sector, for both management and security purposes. It is however a very wide and diverse sector, with the value of equipment being significantly variable. As such, we are aware that budgets and requirements can vary significantly from customer to customer, and our broad range of solutions reflects this.

Waste Management System 1
Waste Management System 2

For site based waste management, Deus’s GPS Tag solution is able to monitor all equipment whilst on site, as well as automatically logging any tagged incoming or outgoing equipment, alerting the user if necessary.

Automatic scales that are embedded on the trucks are measuring the waste disposal weigh and sending data to the server. Thus you can calculate the full amount of waste that has been collected.

Larger equipment, such as skips and commercial bins are often leased out on requirement. In these circumstances, the end destination of the equipment is unknown so it is necessary to deploy GSM/GPS based equipment such as the FM5300. This ruggedized device is able to withstand exposure the tough environment experienced by the equipment, and is the ideal choice for resilient monitoring within GSM coverage.

For waste disposal vehicles or any equipment known to be travelling outside of GSM coverage, there are affordable satellite solutions available including the FM5300. Whilst communicating GPS coordinates less frequently, this enables GPS waste management system in some of the most remote regions.

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